Lingua Nordica

As well as being technically skilled, I focus on the cultural aspects of a text with meticulous attention to detail to ensure relevance for your reader.

My services

Recently, Finnish and Swedish companies have been expanding their markets into the United Kingdom more than ever before. If you are active in the food, textiles or electronic industries, you probably already know that good communication skills are paramount to a successful business.


I provide translation, editing and proofreading services in Finnish, Swedish and English. I am a native speaker of both Swedish and Finnish, and several years spent in the United Kingdom and my translation qualifications mean that I am also able to provide excellent translations into English.

Please note that I always have my translations into English proofread by a native speaker for complete quality assurance.

I specialise in the following types of texts:

business communications
reports, presentations, business plans
public administration
press releases, reports, articles
Lapland trips, hotel websites, airlines
websites, product descriptions, advertising
universities, students’ unions, applications
safety data sheets, manuals, instructions

Examples of recent projects:

  • Ministry report on equality – 9,500 words
  • Business plan for IT company – 2,200 words
  • Website on architectural heritage and the cultural environment – 4,200 words
  • General Assembly documents – 6,000 words
  • Ministry report on integration – 13,500 words
  • Student guide – 6,700 words
  • Lapland tourism website – 7,200 words
  • Lapland hotel website – 11,200 words
  • Safety data sheets – 17,000 words
  • User manual – 26,200 words

I abide by the Institute for Translation and Interpreting’s Code of Professional Conduct

 Lingua Nordica’s terms of business are based on the ITI model terms of business for translation

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